Wherever you go across the island, there’s a good chance one of our bus shelters is not far away. Our bus shelters are positioned in highly strategic locations across the Grand Cayman. They deliver high levels of reach and frequency to your campaign whether along main arterial roads, downtown George Town or out into the districts.

  • How can I book 

    Download the form on the Shelters page, sign and email to the Shelter Coordinator.

    What is the turnaround time?

    Once the agreement forms are signed, installation by you can be done immediately.

    How much does it cost?

    Our bus shelters are seen by different numbers of people across all the shelter locations throughout the island. Therefore some require a higher investment than others. Our rates are entirely dependent on the exact location of the bus shelter and which panel within the bus shelter that you have chosen. Visit the Shelters page on this website to find a shelter by it’s location. Once you’ve clicked on the shelter that you want, you can find out more about the prices of those panels.

    How do I know when/if my advertising campaign has started?

    As soon as your poster goes live, we send you an email.

    What happens to my poster at the end of my media contract? Rotary disposes of all printed poster copy at the end of the display period without liability to the advertiser. Please let us know at the time of booking to make alternative arrangements.

    How frequently can I change the advertisement?

    As frequently as you wish.

    What is the minimum duration I can advertise for?

    We offer yearly slots on our bus shelters, from 1st July to the 30th June to coincide with the Rotary year. If a rental starts after July 1st we can do a pro-rated agreement until June 30th of any given year.


  • Where are the bus shelters located?

    Visit our mapping tool on the Shelters page to see the locations of our billboards.

    Why is bus shelter advertising so effective?

    -The format delivers a relatively low cost of entry that is friendly to local groups and small businesses, while the national ubiquity makes these ads attractive to large brands as well.

    -They deliver non-stop twenty-four hour performance. They can’t be ignored or switched off. They don’t need to ask permission before delivering content. They offer round-the-clock release, repeat reading, and enhances consumer brand awareness.

    -They capture attention from passing traffic. The real value they deliver is in reaching the captive audience using the bus stop, though. Because viewers will usually have plenty of time to examine these ads in depth, it’s the perfect medium for delivering a detailed, information-rich message that wouldn’t work in print adverts. They also provide eye-level visibility to pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

  • Can I book only one panel on a bus shelter?

    Yes, each panel is rented separately. 

    How do I find out which panels in a particular bus shelter are available?

    Navigate to the Shelters page to search for a shelter. Click on the shelter that you are interested in to find out availability and price of each of that shelter’s panels.

    Are there any quantity minimums or maximums regarding the number of spaces that any one customer can buy? 

    Depending on your advertising objectives, you can advertise on as many panels in as many bus shelters as you need. 

    Do I need to design and print my own posters?

    Yes. The design and printing of the posters on the panels are entirely your responsibility. If you need help, we can recommend liaising with Tower Marketing  who design and publishes all our collateral. Please note that there are additional costs for design and print.